Internet privacy is about the protection of private and sensitive information of a person. It is also known as personally identifiable information (PII). This information must be kept away from the prying eyes of the press and other inappropriate persons. Unauthorized disclosure of critical information must be avoided at all costs.

Our goal is to ensure that the data that our customers have entrusted us with must be protected and kept safe at all costs. The identification of our customer is our most valuable possession. We aim to ensure that the customer remains as invisible as they chose to be.

It is the responsibility of both individuals as well as organizations to respect and appreciate the implications of privacy abuse. Our goal is to protect the data of the users and ensure that it is not public information. Our specialty is data encryption.

We use specialized software such as veracrypt to ensure that the data of the customers are available only to them. Even if hackers and pranksters get their hand on the data, they cannot access it because it requires verification at various levels. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge. We help the customers by providing state of the art techniques that keep all kinds of data safe and secure.

We provide the following tips to our customers

  • Install anti-virus software on your device. It could be an iPad, mobile phone or the personal computer.
  • Select strong and long passwords. Use numbers and symbols in the middle.
  • When sharing sensitive data, use the right medium of transfer. Encrypt the data before transferring it.
  • Never type the password anywhere.
  • Online data encryption requires using VPN

Internet security is a must today. Since almost everything takes place online, it is all the more necessary to keep the data private and confidential. Internet privacy is a shared responsibility.